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Blurb Tech – The Blurb on Today's Technology | April 17, 2014

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No Comments a new job. LinkedIn killer? a new job. LinkedIn killer?

Looking for a new job? Tired of your old job? Job doesn’t fit your skill yet? Better yet, hate your boss? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you need a new job!

Well, can help you with that. If you are familiar with LinkedIn then you will easily understand’s services. is a neat new startup that is a social network for professionals who are looking for a job or showcasing your skills and experiences. At, you can network with your co-workers, bosses, friends and whomever to a better job. You may ask, this is a lot like LinkedIn and you’re correct! LinkedIn and offer very similar services and you maybe wondering why should I use

Simple, it’s matching service is by far the best out there! analyses your personality, passion, experience, environment, culture and position to find your perfect job!

Here’s a promo video about

Go out and try out today and find your future perfect job!