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Blurb Tech – The Blurb on Today's Technology | April 25, 2014

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myUWindsor App Overview

myUWindsor App Overview

Looks like the University of Windsor finally made a mobile app for us students. It’s not any app, it’s an app that integrates all of the University of Windsor online services (myUwindsor, CLEW; kinda, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and etc) into a convenient location for people on the go!

Personally, I think this is a great intuitive that the University of Windsor is giving us students. Most of the students today have either a smartphone or a tablet. Having this tool to their disposal would remove the need of having a computer/laptop around.

After using the app for a week before it’s launch, I feel it does what it is advertised and that’s about it.

Well most students will find this useful, some students may wish other features should be added. Even though this is the first release of the app, as time progressed, new features would be added.

When first opening the app, users will be greeted with a splash screen of myUWindsor and then move to the main menu. From the main menu, we have a variety of choices.

You can either check your courses, exams, finance, messages, maps, daily news, events, Go Lancer’s webpage, directory and a whole lot more.

On the second page, you will see e-mail setup, about, feedback and settings.

Having a feedback button can do wonders for this app! Getting the input from students using this app will only help this app get better and I encourage you guys to use the feedback!

Moving on, we can see the current courses you are enrolled in, your schedule, your grades, your exams and the ability to search courses. As of now, you can only plan your courses if  you are searching for courses. Hopefully in the next update we will see the ability to register for the course(s).

When you click on specific course, you will be greeted with a CLEW like interface that will give you the option to view the course details, announcements, description of course based on CLEW, instructor info, exam time/locations, and syllabus.

In the finance option, you can see your current balance of the semester, balance from previous semester, new charges, sub total, new payments and much more!

Overall, my final opinion is that the app has great potential and this is an excellent first release of the app. Even though it doesn’t have all the features we hoped for, having something is better than nothing, right?

As I mentioned before, there is a feedback button that you can use to voice your suggestions, complaints, and anything else about the app.

Forgot to mention, this is just of some of the features available in this app, go out and download it your self today and leave a comment down below!

iPhone/iPod Touch Link

Android Link

Blackberry (Mobile web version only)

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